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Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership

Who we are
The Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership (ACTP) is a unique and successful marketing initiative that brings together the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), the four provincial tourism industry associations and the provincial departments responsible for tourism in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Our mission
ACTP's mission is clear - to grow tourism in Atlantic Canada.

What we do
ACTP utilizes a research-based approach to focus its marketing efforts in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Funding for the three-year, $19.95 million Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership is cost-shared among all partners. Fifty percent is contributed by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, 33% by the four Atlantic Provinces and 17% by the region’s four Tourism Industry Associations. 

How we do it
ACTP is dedicated to promoting Atlantic Canada as a leading vacation destination in key American and European markets. Its mission is to grow the tourism industry in Atlantic Canada which represents annually $4.69 billion in visitor spending, over $656 million in tax revenues, 56,883 full time equivalent jobs for Atlantic Canadians, supports 9,726 Atlantic Canada businesses and contributes 4.14% to the Regional GDP. ACTP markets Atlantic Canada as a preferred vacation destination through integrated direct-to-consumer advertising, travel trade partnerships and media relations activities.

ACTP is founded on the principle that more can be gained through combined efforts and bulk media purchasing than could be achieved by the partners individually. The mandate and policies of ACTP have been shaped over the years to ensure that ACTP does not duplicate provincial efforts and that a common marketing strategy is of benefit to all partners.



Our results
ACTP delivered strong results during its 2012 - 2015 Agreement. The initiative generated a total of $164.4 million in tourism expenditures in Atlantic Canada and obtained an overall return of investment of $13.55:1.  As a result of ACTP’s efforts, the region’s tourism industry is better able to reach target markets while focusing on high potential international travelers with in interest in the tourism experiences offered throughout the Atlantic region.

What's New at  ACTP


Tourism Research

ACTP recognizes the importance of being able to communicate research in a manner that can be easily read, understood and strategically applied by destination marketing organizations, tourism associations, governments and individual tourism operators.

To provide this content and to promote better usage of its research, ACTP has developed research summaries of its current consumer and travel trade research. The research summaries and full research reports are available at and    


For more information please contact, Colleen Bowes at or 902-566-1096


Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership